Bubblegum manufacturer

Zed Candy is a famous and passionate bubblegum manufacturer with a wide range of candy products. Our delicious sweets are already available in 50 countries, but our aim is to share our colourful creations with the whole wide world. Indeed, it is quite a big mission, but we are up for it! Now we would like to know: have you tried Zed Candy’s bubblegum yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Our chewing gum is waiting to be chewed on.

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Zed Candy: a passionate bubblegum manufacturer

Zed Candy bubblegum comes in various colours, shapes and flavours. Each chewing gum product is unique and differentiates itself with its own characteristics. Take our Watermelon Gumballs for example: they are filled with sour powder, that tastes very strong and will bring about an explosion at the roof of your mouth. Or check out our printed Pool Balls: they are difficult to distinguish from the real deal and taste wonderful! No matter your preferences when it comes to our unforgettable flavours: Zed Candy bubblegum is essential to every lover of gum.

Colourful & tasty candy products

We are not only a manufacturer of bubblegum, we also offer delicious other sweets, such as: