Candy from our private label

At Zed Candy we create and offer the most delicious private label sweets. Our colourful range of candy is very wide and contains different sweets with extraordinary looks and flavours. From hard candy and bubblegum to jelly beans and chews: every single product comes with a unique, everlasting taste experience. Discover our collection of tasteful confectionary!

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Delicious candy products from our private label

As a private label, Zed Candy creates and offers confectionary to customers worldwide. Our sweets are already available in 50 countries and our aim is to keep growing and maximize the potential of our business. With our unique candy products with rare flavours, we want to bring a smile to all of our customers’ faces. Our sweets come in various colours, prints and flavours. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer your candy to be sour: there is a product for everyone! Discover our brands: