Chewy candy

Have you tasted our chewy candy yet? If not, what are you waiting for? At Zed Candy we are passionate about confectionary. We love sharing our creations with candy lovers all over the world and offer them an everlasting taste experience. Today, our products are already available in 50 countries. Is that not that amazing? So, 50 countries down, but still some to go… Our ultimate aim is to maximize the potential of our business, grow our category, our customers and our associates. More growth means more opportunity to expand our product range and nurture our candy creations!

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Our chewy candy is the perfect treat to share

Our chewy candy comes in different shapes, colours and flavours; each with their own unique appearance and taste experience. Take a look at our Scary Eyes chews, for example. The sour eyeballs look extremely spooky and are a perfect treat for Halloween! Or try out our Glitter Sticks: they really do taste as magical as they look. It is the perfect treat for any lover of unicorn, fairies, princesses and fairytales. Looking for a snack that is 100% vegan? Get yourself a mouthful of Mumbos!