Tough to crack, fun to eat!

Have you tried our delicious, worldly famous Jawbreakers yet? As the manufacturer of Jawbreaker, we know exactly what it takes to create sweets with an unforgettable flavour, that will bring you nothing less than an everlasting experience.

The taste is extraordinary: pinky promise! Zed Candy is a famous sweets manufacturer that offers Jawbreakers in various servings: a multi serve, a single serve or a serve on a stick. Are you brave enough to dare and try one of our candy balls?


Our popular Jawbreakers are very tough to crack, but incredibly fun to eat. The candy is built up of various fruity layers and stores a piece of gum right in the center. Because of all the different flavours, the taste experience is truly one of a kind. The candy balls slowly melt away in the corners of your mouth, leaving a sweet but sour aftertaste. Just do not be too eager and resist the urge for biting: you do not want to hurt your teeth!