Liquid filled candy

Every candy lover knows: liquid filled candy is delicious! Zed Candy creates liquid filled sweets, such as bubblegum, that are indispensable in every pantry. We offer our famous (liquid filled) candy – such as chewing gum, hard candy and jelly beans – to customers worldwide. Our products are already available in 50 countries! How great is that?

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Liquid filled bubblegum, made with love in our candy factory

Our Splosh bubblegum is one of our candy products that is liquid filled. They come in different servings: a multi serve, a single serve and in a rope package. As a true fruity taste sensation, the liquid filled bubblegum comes with a lot of benefits. It contains a unique combination of both gum and liquid and is even enriched with vitamin C. Discover the various flavours and experience the taste of strawberry, watermelon and bluerazz like you have never done before!

Surprising powder filled sweets

We do not only offer confectionary, such as bubblegum, that is liquid filled; we also have powder filled sweets that are just as delicious. Take our Watermelon Gumballs, for example. The green coloured chewing gum is filled with watermelon ‘seeds’ and has an irresistible flavour. Did you taste it yet? Our filled sweets are extremely fun to consume and offer a truly unique taste experience.