Vegan confectionary

Are you a vegan and are you currently searching for confectionary that is 100% free of ingredients that are derived from animals? Zed Candy is a Dutch sweets manufacturer with a wide range of delicious candy products, including sweets that are produced without any animal gelatin. This spring, Mumbos launched a unique range of soft vegan chews. The confectionary is completely vegan and produced with only natural flavours and colours. The yummy chews are available in trendy flavours like ginger, liquorice and passion fruit!

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Our vegan confectionary is 100% free of animal gelatin

Some people think that vegan candy is less tasteful compared to sweets that are made with animal gelatin, but the contrary is true! The extreme flavoured confectionary tastes, looks and feels amazing and will bring you an everlasting taste experience. On top of that, our vegan confectionary is also a perfect match for anyone who only eats halal candy. With their striking stand-up pouch in the shape of a mouth, Mumbos soft vegan chews are a real eye-catcher. Try out the delicious chews and discover a whole new world of flavours!