What’s happening at ZED HQ?

On dark winter nights a soft flickering glow from Zed’s Lab can be seen for miles as the burners heat the copper pans spinning round and round like miniature cement mixers. Inside the pans, balls of candy are tumbling over each other, dancing like excited electrons as they are charged with hot syrup of delicious flavour. On another table, a vacuum cooker releases its molten hot river of candy, ready to be shaped and coloured into a giant swirl pop. What inclusions will be added tonight?

In his cavernous Zed Candy factory, Zed and 300 candy fanatics make and offer these creations to the rest of the world. Zed loves nothing better than to arrive in the most out of the way place on Earth and to see a candy born in Zed HQ being enjoyed by the local’s.

On hot summer nights Zed can sometimes be seen floating in the factory’s outdoor swimming pool, dreaming of his next creation.