Double Dares

Put your tastebuds and your nerves to the test with our Double Dares jelly beans! Can you guess the different flavours? We challenge you to find out what flavours you are putting into your mouth. Is it lemon or is it rotten cheese? Blueberry or toothpaste? It can be quite hard to figure it out. Are you brave enough to open yourself up to the unknown? Try out our weird jelly bean flavours and enjoy a rare, special taste experience!

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Take your chances with Double Dares

Double Dares are delicious, fun and a perfect treat to share with all of your friends. For years, jelly beans have been popular sweets in the magical world of candy. At Zed Candy we know what it takes to create confectionary that is fun, tasty and high-quality. Besides jelly beans, we offer various other candy products: